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3 Insights into how to prepare better mentally...

Mental rehearsal aka visualisation is a great way to prepare for games and be proactive in your development as an athlete. Your ability to practice and improve on your skills should never be limited by your access to facilities.



All athletes require different stimulus to get in their optimal zone for performance. Keeping track of your pre-game routine is an easy way to make sure that come the ‘first whistle,’ you are in the zone.
Whether it be what you eat, what you listen to, or what time you go to bed. The small percentages could be the gap between winning and losing!

Image by Tamas Tuzes-Katai


Linking to the Mental Rehearsal a Mental Pitch Map (MPM) is a key part of high-level performance. Knowing your roles and required skills in different areas of the pitch is key to a consistent performance. Discussions with a coach, teammate, or even watching video back, can allow you to build your MPM so you’re doing all the good things every game!

Image by Paul Skorupskas


Refocus, how do you get B.I.G (Back in the game!) understanding what you try to do to get back in a game when you are under performing is a useful tool for some athletes who struggle with focus.
Whether it be the next carry, a line out, or a kick at goal, knowing where to find your next B.I.G impact is key to turning a performance around.

A key part of us supporting our athletes, is us finding the best ways to prepare them mentally and physically.
Check out how to prepare with some of our online courses...

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